Do I need a trademark surveillance service?

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Registering a trademark gives you exclusive rights to use that mark in commerce. However, the responsibility of uncovering any infringement rests on the owner.

As a result, trademark holders should consider engaging in some form of trademark surveillance, which involves monitoring the market for potential brand violations. It can be carried out in two ways: either manually or by subscribing to a trademark surveillance service.

While such a service is an additional investment, we believe it offers benefits that manual surveillance just can't match, namely in the convenience and time savings department.


Trademark surveillance needs to be performed regularly. If you want to monitor trademark registers for new applications that could pose infringement to your trademark, you need to monitor them at least once a month so you'd have enough time to oppose the new mark within its opposition window. If you want to surveill your trademark in more than one country, that's double the work. Some months, there might not even be any relevant mark, but you still need to spend that time checking.

Trademark surveillance services prefilter the results and only send relevant ones via email, saving you time and mental energy.

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