We have several product lines - XX-homme, XX-femme, XX-sport. Shall we trademark all these names or just XX?

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Since XX is the dominant and primary element of your brand name, you can consider registering it without adding "homme", "femme", and "sport". This way, you have sufficient protection and can use XX-homme, XX-femme, and XX-sport. In case someone copies one of the names, you are protected and can take legal action.

Please remember that the ® can only be used with the exact version of the mark you register. In this case, it would be XX. Variations such as XX-homme, XX-femme, and XX-sport can only be marked with a ™. For example, XX-homme™.

Alternatively, you can use XX® - homme/femme/sport. In this case, the ® is used with the XX only, and the line names are added after the ®. This is a common practice, as by placing generic words after the ® symbol, you do not break any established rules.

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