Hugo Boss AG v. Massa Finance BV

Hugo Boss AG

Case details

Plaintiff: Hugo Boss AG

Defendant: Massa Finance BV

Case no.: O/170/99

Jurisdiction: United Kingdom

Industry: Fashion

Decision date: 18 Jun, 1999


The opponents based their objections on a number of registrations of their mark BOSS, HUGO BOSS, BOSS/HUGO BOSS and HUGO/HUGO BOSS. The Hearing Officer concluded that the marks at issue had their own distinct meanings - the opponents’ by registration, the applicants’; by nature. Visually, aurally and conceptually the marks were quite different, he said he came to the same conclusion under Section 5(3) and 5(4)(a). The Section 3(6) objection was dismissed as the opponents had not discharged the onus upon them to establish their case.

Comparison of Trademarks