How does a trademark watch service protect my brand?

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A trademark watch service actively tracks different online channels, like trademark databases, business registers, social media, web domains, and others. It helps brand owners stay informed about any unauthorized use of their brand. Given the vastness of the online world and the global market, it's practically impossible for a brand owner to catch every instance of their brand being copied. That's where watch services prove valuable by alerting them when such incidents occur.

By subscribing to such a service, you'll receive regular reports via email. After getting a report, you can go through it, check for any concerning findings, and then decide on the necessary steps to protect your brand. The actions you take will depend on the specific situation. For example, if someone attempts to register a trademark too similar to yours, you can oppose it within the allowed time frame. If it's someone copying your brand on social media, you can report them using your trademark registration number as proof of your rights. If it's a new business with a name resembling yours, it might not constitute infringement outright, but you could send them a notice to make them aware of your trademark, preventing them from using a similar mark for their future products or services.

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