Filing an opposition

Protect your trademark by opposing applications that could infringe on your brand.

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Have you found a similar trademark and wish to oppose it?

As a trademark owner, you can raise an opposition against new trademark applications filed in your jurisdiction. If you believe you have come across a mark that is confusingly similar to yours, we can help with getting it dismissed.

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How it works?

  • Share the details of your case

    Fill out the form below and describe your mark as well as the mark you would like to oppose.

  • Consultation

    We will assess your case and discuss your options with you. Since the opposition process in various jurisdictions differs a lot, we may need more information before providing the final quote.

  • Execution

    If you choose us as your representatives, we will draft and submit the opposition to the IP office. You will be able to review all documents before we file them.

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After assessing the details of your case, we will provide a fixed quote so you know what to expect before choosing our services.

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