Startup ideas that deserve to be protected (Round #1)

Startups across the world continue to push the technological boundaries and redefine established norms. We've done our research, asked our followers on social media - and we are proud to present a list of innovative startups ideas that are truly valued by their clients / customers, undoubtedly deserving that their corresponding brands are well-protected.


Jan Buza

Global supplier of automation technology for the good and healthcare sectors that ensures product compliance and safety. In other words, temperature monitoring technology and risk management system developed by Kelsius makes sure that perishable food and healthcare supplies remain safe to be used.


The main slogan of CeADAR - "Making the possible real" - captures the very purpose of this innovative startup founded in Ireland. Whether it is a proof of concept, market-ready solution, training, networking or access to computing infrastructure, CeADAR has the right solution for its clients to fuel their innovation, research and development needs.


An integrated business communication across all channels may sound like a naive fiction but it is a reality for the clients of Solgari. Regardless of the company size, the solution offered by Solgari is guaranteed to achieve efficiency gains, enhanced customer support and improve everyone's experience.


Movie enthusiasts, marketers and technologists have all come together at Usheru with a mission of utilising data intelligence to revolutionise the movie marketing model. The end-result is truly astonishing, bringing the data intelligence into the movie lifecycle - driving sales and reducing marketing costs.


With locations spanning from Dublin to Mexico, GlowDx focuses on molecular diagnostics with the goal of increasing the availability of molecular testing for all.


An all-star game development studio with published titles including Sneaky Bears and Rollercoaster Legends. The latest project coming from WarDucks is based on a mapping solution that generates 3D worlds from real world data, clearly pushing the technical boundaries forward.


Aggregating video content from hundreds of publishers and other providers, VideoElephant makes this content available (licensable) for online publishers, streaming services and mobile apps. With an excess of 2.5 million videos in its database, VideoElephant is clearly the first choice in licensable video content.


Creation of a global identity framework allowing for verifying the identity in real-time represents a core focus of Sedicii, a true innovator meeting government, regulatory and industry demands for identity verification.


A true revolution in the design of infrastructure automation processes has been introduced by UBiqube, making these tasks as simple as possible, empowering its clients to achieve substantial efficiency gains.


The creation of a single digital experience combining the power of employee app, intranet and social network is what makes Workvivo stand out from the crowd, offering a digital experience lover by its clients' employees.


As a pioneer in the use of visual artificial intelligence to influence business processes, Evergreen solutions hold the promise of simplifying and streamlining supply chain, process automation and checkout processes.


An omni-channel platform developed by Poppulo is designed to enhance the clarity need by employees to drive business outcomes.


World's news can be a powerful source of business intelligence, resulting in real-time identification and mitigation of emerging risks. AYLIEN allows businesses to harness this power of media.


A security toolkit that allows developers to encrypt and process sensitive data in a very convenient way.


Personalisation is the key in customer relationship management and the solution developed by Sweepr based on the 7 principles of personalisation simplifies this often challenging goal.


Legal operations effectively automated by AI-powered platform BrightFlag, bringing an exciting innovation into the legal world.


Real-time monitoring of your house, children, pets, loved ones in need of care or a place of business has just been simplified by SmartFrog.


Jan Buza
Jan Buza

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