2024 Edition of EUIPO's SME Fund: Expanded Support for Intellectual Property Protection

Trademark registration plays a crucial role in distinguishing a company's goods and services from those of its competitors, solidifying a secure brand image in the eyes of consumers. Safeguarding a brand is vital for businesses, and to assist in this endeavor, the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) and the European Commission have announced the launch of the 2024 edition of the Ideas Powered for Business SME Fund. This initiative offers intellectual property vouchers aimed at supporting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) based in the EU.


Igor Demcak

Overview of the SME Fund 2024

The SME Fund 2024, building upon the success of its predecessor, aims to provide financial aid to EU-based SMEs for the protection of their intellectual property rights. Administered by the EUIPO, this fund has been assisting SMEs since 2021 by offering partial reimbursement on their intellectual property fees. This unique opportunity for SMEs can be used to get:

  • 75% reimbursement of trademark and design fees at the nation, regional, and EU levels

You can apply for a 75% reimbursement of trademark and/or design application fees, additional class fees, and examination, registration, publication and deferment of publication fees at the nation, regional, and EU levels.

  • 50% reimbursement of trademark and design fees outside the EU

You can apply for a 50% reimbursement of trademark and/or design basic application fees, designation fees, and subsequent designation fees outside the EU. Designation fees for EU countries are included in 2024 SME fund scheme. Handling fees charged by the office of origin are excluded

Eligibility Criteria

The SME Fund is open to SMEs established in the European Union. Applications can be submitted by business owners, employees, or authorized external representatives acting on behalf of the SME. Grants are awarded in the form of vouchers, facilitating reimbursement for IP application costs directly into the SME’s bank account. However, funds are limited and allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Continued Support for Ukrainian SMEs

Continuing the initiatives from 2023, Ukrainian SMEs will retain the opportunity to apply for the SME Fund. This measure is part of the broader efforts by the EUIPO to support Ukrainian businesses and offers them unprecedented access to funds for protecting their intellectual property.

Expanded Range of Services

The 2024 edition of the SME Fund extends its support to a wider array of services. In addition to the reimbursement for trademark and design protection, this year's fund also covers legal costs for drafting and filing a European patent application. SMEs can avail themselves of up to 50% reimbursement or EUR 2,000 (if delivered by a professional representative from the EPO official list) for these services. Moreover, reimbursement for IP Scan Enforcement in participating countries is also included in the fund's offerings.

Application Process Overview

Trama offers a simplified trademark registration process alongside EUIPO grant application tailored specifically to your business needs. Here's an overview of how it works:

  1. Start with free lawyer's check

  2. Indicate your interest in EUIPO grant as part of the verification form, acknowledging the eligibility criteria

  3. Review the result of lawyer's check, complete the order form and checkout (paying full registration fees)

  4. Our representative will contact you about further documents required to process EUIPO grant application (bank statement, VAT registration)

  5. Additional payment of 100 Euro to process EUIPO grant application will be required at this point

  6. Trama submits EUIPO grant, the result of which is available within 2 weeks

  7. Trama submits your trademark application and we request reimbursement from EUIPO based on the grant application

  8. Reimbursement based on the EUIPO grant is sent directly to your account and trademark application is evaluated and eventually registered (~3 months)

Trama has already registered over 17,000 trademarks, providing professional end-to-end service to cover all your trademark needs. Our team of expert trademark attorneys will maximise the chances of a successful trademark application and ensure a smooth registration process. Start with a free verification of registrability, the result of which will be available in 24 hours.

Igor Demcak
Igor Demcak

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