Trama & Shoptet announce partnership

Trama has become one of the trusted partners for Shoptet, a leading provider of e-commerce solutions in Slovakia and Czech Republic. This partnership is destined to enhance the awareness about the importance of brand protection, reducing the number of infringement attempts and costly resolutions.


Jan Buza

Shoptet represents a leading provider of e-commerce solutions with over 24 314 active online stores in Slovakia and Czech Republic. With the excess of 3.5 million shoppers per year, it is clear that online stores run on Shoptet platform have attracted numerous loyal customers. As a result, it is the proven track record of Shoptet stores that highlights the importance of effective brand protection. And that is where Trama comes in as a trusted partner of Shoptet, providing its comprehensive offering of trademark registration and brand protection services to all Shoptet clients.

Additional joint activities are in the works now, including the preparation of a webinar and other learning materials that will provide valuable information for Shoptet clients on how to effectively protect their brands and commercial success.

Jan Buza
Jan Buza

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