Understanding trademark classes - Class 2

Detailed overview of Nice class 2, one of 45 classes of goods and services commonly recognized by intellectual property offices. Classes of good and services help define the industry and vertical in which your brand will be protected by the trademark.

Class 2

Class 2 includes specific goods related to paints, varnishes and lacquers. Additional items covered by Class 2 relate to dyes, colorants, pigments, inks, thinners, thickeners, preservatives, raw natural resins and coatings.

For which industries and sectors would we recommend class 2?

    Classes associated with class 2

    These classes are commonly associated with the selected class, extending the level of brand protection and their inclusion may be advisable depending on the specific nature of your brand.

    What's a proper specimen for class 2?

    Suitable specimens for Class 2 include photos of the product, packaging or a label bearing the mark. For more examples, including pictures, visit our Specimen guide for Class 2.

    What are trademark classes of goods & services?

    • List of goods and services

      45 Classes of goods & services

      All goods & services are categorised into 45 Nice classes

    • Selection

      Choosing the right classes

      The selection of classes defines the scope of trademark protection

    • Application success

      Maximising application success

      Tailor-made selection of relevant classes for all our clients

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