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Selecting trademark classes - Creative works

Detailed overview of the recommended Nice classes of goods and services for your business in the field of Creative works

Choosing relevant trademark classes for your brand

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Creative works

Recommended classes for Creative works

Class 41 - Education, translation, entertainment, multimedia production and sports


How much would it cost to register a trademark for Creative works?

The estimated cost for a trademark registered in all classes recommended above.

  • Flag of the Czech Republic

    Czech Republic

    Kč 10,700

  • Flag of the European Union

    European Union

    Kč 27,800

  • Flag of the Slovak Republic

    Slovak Republic

    Kč 7,300

  • Flag of the United States of America

    United States

    Kč 10,800

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What are trademark classes of goods & services?

  • List of goods and services

    45 Classes of goods & services

    All goods & services are categorised into 45 Nice classes

  • Selection

    Choosing the right classes

    The selection of classes defines the scope of trademark protection

  • Application success

    Maximising application success

    Tailor-made selection of relevant classes for all our clients

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