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“We came together because we wanted to make sure we help contribute with meaningful solutions and show that sustainability means business; that creating sustainable and impactful businesses can be profitable and impactful at the same time.” Read the whole story of Net Positive Labs from the perspective of its Co-Founder & Head of Ventures, Frank van Beuzekom, and learn how Trama protects this inspiring brand on its mission to accelerate the transformation towards a more sustainable world.


Jan Buza

In a world where climate change and environmental degradation have become pressing concerns, the urgency to find sustainable solutions has never been greater. Net Positive Labs, a pioneering company at the forefront of innovation, has taken up the challenge of addressing these critical issues head-on. With a firm commitment to creating a positive impact, Net Positive Labs is dedicated to developing groundbreaking technologies and strategies that promote environmental sustainability, aiming to reshape industries and pave the way for a more sustainable future.

Where did the inspiration for Net Positive Labs come from?

"We, the founders of Net Positive Labs, have experience in the financial sector, management consulting, innovation, entrepreneurship, and venture creation. Prior to founding Net Positive Labs, we enjoyed the privilege of being part of groundbreaking venture building programs, devising novel services, launching new programs, business units, independent start-ups and constructing sustainability-driven initiatives. Bringing our diverse experiences together, we established Net Positive Labs."

"We have all taken part and initiated purposeful and sustainable initiatives, to differing extents. Nevertheless, we sought to redouble our focus on sustainability and take a very proactive and hands-on approach in creating new businesses and services."

"Now, we are on a mission to accelerate the transformation to a more sustainable world. That is why we established Net Positive Labs. With our purpose driven studio we work together with established organizations to identify and build new high potential businesses that are both profitable for our customers as well as beneficial to our world. We advance industries through the sustainable services and enterprises we construct. Be it by ourselves or in cooperation with or for our clients."

"We are also here to show that sustainability means business. We are venturing to show once more that sustainable and impactful businesses can be lucrative and meaningful simultaneously. For a few years now, we have been on an exciting and successful journey with customers from various corners of the world. Nevertheless, we feel we are only just starting, and are looking ahead to making a much greater impact ahead. Because we want to demonstrate this way of working pays off, because it solves real problems, and because there are bountiful problems currently that require immediate action."

What makes Net Positive Labs so unique?

"We bring together the team and the network, who are in it for the mission and the outcome. We do whatever it takes to create those solutions to the benefit of our customers and the world around us. We have an open attitude in our studio, and we take pleasure in sharing our work, techniques, and talk about potential collaborations and partnerships with others from the ecosystem."

"We believe that this open method of working will lead to better insights and faster learning, and superior results. It also brings us closer to exceptional talent, who are passionate about making the difference, and who are looking for their next initiative or venture to take part in or lead."

When did you start thinking about brand protection?

"The concept of Net Positive has grown in popularity, and rightly so. Paul Paulman explained the concept clearly in his book titled “how courageous companies thrive by giving more than they take”.  

"We aspire however, that one day, sustainability, circularity, regenerative economics, and net positive will be the norm. That is that these practices are embraced and adopted as the status quo for how companies operate. A world where circularity principles are fully employed and regenerative economics is the rule rather than the exception. As Net Positive Labs, we work to make such a world a reality. We are here to co-create such a future, together with all stakeholders of the ecosystem and our clients. The Net Positive Labs trademark helps us with this."

What made you stick with Trama throughout the process of trademark registration? 

I discovered Trama through an online search. Based on the positive ratings, the digital and smooth interface of the website, and ways to keep track of the brand protection status, as well as the clear introductory call, I went ahead to work on our brand protection with Trama. The ability to monitor the status of the trademark applications in the different regions, combined with the quick response time to inquiries made the whole process very easy and efficient.

Jan Buza
Jan Buza

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