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“We strive to turn the way people buy and consume cosmetic products upside down by using artificial intelligence to tailor the data according to their health, skin type, and conditions, thus making the whole experience effortless and more effective!” Gurami Jobava, the co-founder of WeWell, strongly believes that “everyone should be aware of what they are purchasing and not be influenced solely by cosmetics marketing, brand name, or packaging design”. This revolutionary app places customers at the very centre of the purchasing process and we are thrilled to have helped protect this unique idea through trademark registration!


Jan Buza

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The meeting of two worlds: Cosmetics and software engineers

Having come across thousands of innovative firms that seek to protect their brand through trademark registration, we are starting to witness a common theme - innovative ideas tend to stem from a real need or an issue that needs to be solved. WeWell is another our client that certainly proves this pattern.

“Actually, the idea of WeWell came from our wives roughly around 1.5 years ago. Since we are both software engineers, they initially came to us with a request to build a tool to make their cosmetics shopping easier and more effective. Their main concern was that they were buying the cosmetics without knowing the risks associated with the ingredients. Quite often, they purchase the wrong product for their skin type and have to buy another and spend more money since used cosmetics are usually non-refundable. Surprisingly to us, our wives were not alone, and most of their friends experienced the same issues. This triggered the AHA MOMENT that we should develop the idea even further.”

“There are several other companies doing something similar to what we are doing, and some of them are doing a really great job. However, our vision is slightly different. While others focus on creating a general tool for cosmetics and food product analysis, we focus solely on cosmetics and strive to turn the way people buy and consume cosmetics upside down through the use of artificial intelligence to tailor data according to their health, skin type, and conditions. Basically, to act as a personalised cosmetics shopping assistant.”

The true benefit arising from the use of WeWell app however goes well beyond greater convenience during shopping.  “Why? Because skincare can feel like a never-ending experiment with a complicated cycle of trial and error, resulting in a cabinet full of products that just don’t fit the customers’ needs. We believe that everyone should be aware of what they are purchasing for their largest organ, skin, and not be merely influenced by marketing, brand name, or packaging design.”

Trust really matters for customer-centric brands

“We always knew that a trademark could act as a catalyst for increasing value as a startup business expands and matures. As we are a customer-centric digital health application, trust really matters. So once we started doing business, we decided to register a trademark, not to let anyone abuse our brand and confuse our customers.”

Trademark registration offers an effective solution for instilling the level of trust felt by the customers towards a brand. In addition to deterring copycat and infringement attempts that could undermine this level of trust, trademark registration offers protection against competitors and numerous further benefits, including protection of the hosting domain, app name and social media platforms.

Experience with Trama

“We came across Trama after Googling the easiest and fastest way of registering a trademark. This legal-tech startup caught our attention by its easy-to-use website and excellent communication from superb customer service. Basically, if we had any questions, all it took was to dial a number and get a detailed answer. The exciting part was that we did everything digitally, even the payment, which is rare to see that a law firm providing trademark registration does not ask its clients to send a bank transfer. Kudos to that!”

Jan Buza
Jan Buza

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