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“We saw the blockchain in business space as a growing, untapped sector. Our goal was to simplify blockchain development and provide a platform that is easy to use, similar to an Amazon style AWS service.” Kabir Khaleque, the founder of ReForm, has recently devoted his professional career towards simplifying blockchain development. Trademark registration fosters the potential of ReForm for an uninterrupted growth and we can’t wait for the future developments brought to the world by Kabir and his team.


Jan Buza

Experiences gives rise to perfection

The origins of the idea for establishing ReForm can be traced back to 2017. During that time, Kabir Khaleque was approached to work on a project developing a multi-bank system for trading corporate bonds over blockchain. “From that project I accumulated an enormous body of experience in the blockchain space and discovered many pitfalls. In 2018, my friend and I decided to build our own platform that ‘fixed’ these pitfalls. We saw the blockchain in business space as a growing, untapped sector. Our goal was to simplify blockchain development and provision a platform that is easy to use similar to an Amazon style AWS service. We began with 2 others to develop this platform in 2019.”

Unique selling proposition

“ReForm provides businesses to enter the business blockchain space at very little cost. Without incurring the costs of several man year projects that is typically associated with ‘traditional’ blockchain development. We solve 2 key problems with blockchain. First, we provide storage for large files and data, with our clients not being limited to a few bytes. Secondly, we provide a flexible rich smart contract language with re-usable building blocks.” So if you are looking for a blockchain solution to a problem, please do not hesitate to get in touch with ReForm.

Brand protection

And what was the impetus that encouraged Kabir Khaleque to start thinking about protecting the brand ReForm? “We’ve had significant interest from several larger blue chip companies to use our platform so we immediately thought about brand protection, since our brand name was relatively simple and could be applied to many areas in the industry.”

Experience with Trama

“A simple Internet search revealed Trama. For the indicated costs, the service seemed very competitive. Throughout the process, I’ve experienced a very efficient flow of information and handling of the trademark and enquiries. Additionally, when I received the standard ‘fake’ letters to pay for registrations of my trademark, my enquiry as to should I pay this? was answered very quickly.” We’d just like to add that despite our best efforts to bring transparency and professionalism into the brand protection sector, scam letters remain quite a frequent problem. Our clients can however be assured about our transparent pricing and process, neglecting these scam attempts.

Jan Buza
Jan Buza

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