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Navigating the complexities of traditional banking services for small businesses can be challenging, involving intricate processes and extended waiting periods for account approval. In response to this issue, OneMoneyWay was established with the goal of providing a faster and more seamless payment experience. In this interview, Oliver Bentzen, the CEO of OneMoneyWay, shares insights on how they make business accounts easy and accessible for SMEs of every type and structure and empower swift market entry.


Jan Buza

Can you still recall the early beginnings of your business?

“The early start of the company was not easy, as with all companies. We were lucky to get some talented people aboard the project and some good partners to help us support us in the early stages. The inspiration came from witnessing first hand, banks discriminating against SMEs (in the Nordics). It could take anywhere between 2 to 6 months to get a business account, if you were one of the lucky ones to get approved, and as a new company you don’t have time to wait for so long - and the FinTechs that had a quick turnaround time for account opening had terrible customer service, so we set out to build a better solution, that would suit the SME segment.”

In comparison to your competitors, what are the main factors setting your business apart? 

“What we hear from our clients, is that they’re really happy with the local and international payment rails that we are able to offer to them via strong industry partnerships, our fast onboarding process, opening an account 2-3x faster than the traditional banks and the dedicated account managers that they get a direct and personal relationship with. Our clients don’t mind that we are not the cheapest in the market, because we are able to support them where other competitors failed them. These 3 factors combined is how OneMoneyWay was able to succeed in this industry.”

When did you decide to protect your brand?

“We started thinking about brand protection in early 2023 when we became aware that some individuals who were not associated with our company sold our services to clients without our permission, and secondly we wanted to protect ourselves in case another company came in and registered our trademark.”

Why did you choose Trama for your brand protection needs?

“We came across Trama on a Google Search for IP lawyers in EU and UK, and Trama seemed like the best option due to TramaTM being a legal-tech company with a good user interface, whereas the traditional IP lawyers websites were quite dull. TramaTM also has a user-friendly platform where the document gathering and progress-tracking is happening through, which was nice for us. We put our trust in Trama due to these factors and the good online reviews.”

“I would rate our experience with Trama with full 5-stars. The trademark registrations went faster than expected, and a good match of expectations is always important for a good service experience.”

Jan Buza
Jan Buza

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