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In today's fast-paced business landscape, managing processes and documents efficiently is critical to success, yet many organizations find themselves struggling with outdated and cumbersome tools. Recognizing the challenge of transitioning from long-used tools, Cequence offers a more automated, intuitive, and affordable approach to process and document management by integrating seamlessly with the existing day-to-day workflow, ensuring a smooth and painless adoption process. With a comprehensive suite of features, including dynamic dashboards for a holistic overview, MS Word integration for effortless document management, and AI-powered analytics for invaluable insights, Cequence sets the stage for enhanced productivity and success.


Jan Buza

Can you still recall the early beginnings of your business?

“Contract management is a complex agenda and the bigger the organization, the more complexity increases. CLM agenda is prone to bottlenecks, misunderstandings, and mistakes. Resulting in very real consequences for the business itself. “

“During 15 years in leading positions in contract management, process engineering, and digital innovations in procurement, our CEO, Rasto Koval, saw it all.  And he saw that technology could solve most of the problems his colleagues and he faced over the years.”

“First, his passion for technology found expression in constantly improving contract management processes, increasing team efficiency, and improving internal collaboration within his teams. Now, together with the Cequence team, he can help hundreds of legal teams work better, and work smarter.”

What makes Cequence so unique?

“Cequence is the leader in AI-powered contract management. Competitors offer AI-powered features, but most of them are nice-to-have ones. The Cequence team managed to implement ChatGPT and other AIs right into the core of our CLM solution. AI is a big topic for everyone, but teams struggle to implement AI to help them with their core tasks.”

“We also pride ourselves in designing B2C-like user experience in an enterprise-grade software solution. Why? To promote faster user adoption resulting in truly significant improvement in the team performance in just 6 months.” 

When did you start thinking about brand protection? 

“We have global ambitions, and it would be a shame if all our hard work in building the Cequence brand could be lost just because we did not protect what’s ours.”

What were the reasons for putting your trust in the hands of team Trama?

“We reached out to Trama based on the reference and there are not that many IP lawyers in Slovakia. We would recommend Trama to other companies looking to protect what is theirs. Communication was professional. Trama team is responsive. Overall we are satisfied with our cooperation.”

Jan Buza
Jan Buza

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