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In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, organizations often grapple with the daunting challenges presented by inefficiencies in their staffing and hiring processes. The traditional methods of recruitment and selection, plagued by time-consuming administrative tasks, manual paperwork, and subjective decision-making, no longer suffice in meeting the demands of a competitive talent market. Recognizing the critical need for change in approach, WorkReel has embarked on an innovative approach to revolutionize the hiring process.


Jan Buza

What is WorkReel?

WorkReel is a video-driven, AI-powered career marketplace that aims to help people get work faster and businesses stand out. “The inspiration stemmed from our firsthand experiences and frustrations with the inefficiencies and challenges in staffing and hiring processes. Our main goal has always been to create a platform that streamlines recruitment and minimises staffing gaps,” notes Omar, the Co-founder and CEO of WorkReel.

WorkReel offers insight into the culture, style and atmosphere of a business and its opportunity. This reduces 'mass application submission' as well as some trial and interview processes. Candidates can instantly get to know an employer through a short-form video of the venue or team, quickly assess the offer, distance and background and simply tap to chat and apply.

What makes your brand unique?

“What sets us apart from competitors is our video-centric approach to recruitment. Traditional resumes fail to capture a candidate's true abilities and personality, whereas our engaging candidate profiles showcase their skills effectively. We also cater specifically to the hospitality industry, understanding its unique requirements and pain points.”

When did you start thinking about brand protection?

“With an unwavering commitment to brand preservation, we made it a top priority right from the inception of our enterprise. We understood the significance of preserving our brand's distinct identity, safeguarding our trademarks, and securing our intellectual property as crucial steps towards forging a robust market standing and shielding our groundbreaking solutions. By prioritizing brand protection, we fortified our position in the competitive landscape and ensured the integrity of our innovative offerings.”

Experience with Trama

“We discovered Trama through extensive research and recommendations within the industry. Trama stood out as a trusted and reputable trademark agency known for its expertise and track record of successfully assisting businesses in brand protection. Their reputation, professionalism, and comprehensive services aligned perfectly with our needs, instilling confidence in our decision to partner with them.”

“Our experience with Trama has been exceptional. They have demonstrated deep knowledge and expertise in trademark registration and brand protection. Their team has provided invaluable guidance, ensuring a smooth and efficient process. We appreciate their proactive communication, attention to detail, and commitment to our success. We highly recommend Trama to any business seeking reliable brand protection services.”

Jan Buza
Jan Buza

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