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“Travelling can be quite stressful. Many people are looking for more convenience when it comes to booking their tours and excursions and things to do on holiday before they travel. If we can take one less stress away then we are doing what we set out to do.” Read the whole story of TravelON World from the perspective of its Co-Founder, David Gainford, and learn how Trama protects this inspiring brand on its mission to provide all-encompassing travelling experiences to the most beautiful destinations.


Jan Buza

The way people travel has undergone significant changes in recent years. One of the key drivers of change in the travel industry is the constant demand for convenience from travellers. Advances in technology have made it easier than ever before to access information, book travel, and stay connected while on the go, and travellers are increasingly seeking out options that offer the greatest convenience. With the aim of providing easier access to the most charming destinations in the Canary Islands, TravelON World set out to offer the best holiday plans anybody could ever dream of. David Gainford, the Sales Marketing & Events Consultant at TravelON World, recalls the early beginnings of the company:

"Living in the Canary Islands and having worked in tourism my whole life for major tour operators and excursion suppliers, I could see that things were changing as they are around the world when it comes to travelling. The old-fashioned way of welcoming meeting with representatives that have been on the island for a matter of weeks was getting quite tiring. Nobody really bothered going to welcome meetings anymore, and many had the information about what they needed and had researched their holiday and the things they could do prior. The thought of them going through all the available accommodations and services without sufficient knowledge of local culture didn't sit right with me. Why should they go through so much trouble? After all, they are on holiday!"

“We started TravelON World as a local information site called LanzaroteON and realised early that whilst starting out with providing all the necessary travelling information, at some point, we became the point for everything travel-related in the area, and, therefore, we moved into becoming the Canary Islands leading online portal for excursions, trips, tours and information.” 

“The company has evolved, and we hope to expand globally, focusing on island destinations. We are focused and driven on bringing the best service to clients, and we have recently moved into video with a very successful and growing Youtube and Tik Tok channels where we show people the real side of tourism and give them the opportunity to see real live videos of hotels and the surrounding areas which have proven to be extremely popular and strengthened our brand, giving people the confidence to book with us.”

In comparison to your competitors, what are the main factors setting your business apart? 

“What makes TravelON World different is that, additionally to being a portal for holiday experiences, we feel the need to accompany our clients throughout the whole journey to ensure they get the best of their holidays. Many of our competitors just pass clients to local agents here on the islands, and they take over the booking of tours. This leads to multiple problems with service levels and languages, creating unnecessary stress factors for people who come to the Islands to rest. We aim to provide peace of mind to our clients and assure them that they have booked activities with a company that understands you and your needs. Travelling is stressful, and if we can take one less stress away, then we are doing what we set out to do. With our social channels bringing videos of the destinations people are travelling to, it really does give clients peace of mind and gets them excited for their long-earned holiday.”

When did you start thinking about brand protection? 

“As TravelON World started to grow and we started to get more recognised through videos on Youtube and Tik Tok, we felt it was the time to secure our brand and protect our name. Having thousands of followers on social media and knowing how easy it would be for someone to set up a profile using our name, we couldn’t risk losing what we’ve built so far.” 

How did you come across Trama? And what were the reasons for putting your trust in the hands of team Trama? 

“When I first looked into online trademark applications, it seemed simple, but I also know that what looks simple can turn out to be a very complicated procedure. One simple mistake in the application could cost us a lot of money and time. So, to be on the safe side, we searched for a company to take over the process for us. This was when we came across Trama. Their site was easy to use, and the response from the application process to registration was fast and efficient. Like with all transactions as a business, you do have some level of scepticism when it comes to paying for a service, so we started with one destination as a test before we rolled out the brand registration around the world. Trama got the job done perfectly, and we will gladly work with them more in the future.”

Jan Buza
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