Brand protection and trademark registration in post-Brexit world

Withdrawal of the UK from the EU continues to represent a much debated issue. This article looks at the practical difficulties in achieving brand protection created by Brexit, highlighting the ways forward enabled by Trama for both UK- and EU-based entrepreneurs.


Jan Buza

Despite the withdrawal of the UK from the EU that came into effect with the end of year 2020, trade relations between the UK and EU remain significant for thousands of entrepreneurs and millions of consumers. This separation of the founding member of the EU has however created considerable challenges for entrepreneurs that wish to sell their products and protect their brand beyond their region. Based on the statistical figures published by the World Intellectual Property Office, over 11,200 trademark applications submitted to the European Union Intellectual Property Office have been filed by UK-based companies, accounting for 7.1% of all EU trademark applications. Vice versa, in excess of 10,300 trademark applications were submitted last year to the United Kingdom Intellectual Property Office by EU-based companies, accounting for 9.7% of all UK trademark applications.

EU trademark applications approved by the end of the transition period have been effectively split into the two jurisdictions, providing effective protection in both the UK and the EU. However, under the current circumstances, UK-based entrepreneurs can no longer apply for the EU trademark directly and they are only allowed to do so through an EU- based representative. The same goes for the EU-based entrepreneurs that wish to seek brand protection in the form of a registered trademark in the UK. To make things even more challenging for established brands, the same rules apply to the renewal of an existing trademark that has expired after the period of 10 years.

And this is where Trama comes in to provide an effective solution to all Brexit-related problems for brand protection! Our network of EU-, UK- and US-based trademark attorneys allows us to provide holistic support to all entrepreneurs that wish to protect their brand abroad, whether they wish to register a new trademark, renew an existing trademark or seek representation in court proceedings or other legal services.

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Jan Buza
Jan Buza

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