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“Do I need to register a trademark? How can I best protect my brand?” Find out answers to these questions with a free comprehensive brand audit that provides personalised advice from our expert trademark attorneys!


Jan Buza

Team Trama understands that decisions concerning trademark registration may be very complex, particularly for those who have not paid too much attention to intellectual property protection before. In order to address some of the questions and concerns you might have, we have prepared a dedicated service in the form of a free comprehensive brand audit that details the importance of trademark protection and offers personalised advice from our expert trademark attorneys. This report is centred around each client, recognising the specific nature of the market they operate in and challenges they may encounter.

What is included in this free comprehensive brand audit?

  • Key insights about the extent to which brand influences consumer behaviour in your particular sector and is therefore worth protecting

  • Evaluation of the key infringement trends in your specific sector

  • Overview of brand protection actions taken by key competitors within the studied industry sector

  • Preliminary examination of the potential attempts to infringe upon your brand

  • Assessment of the overall level of risk of infringement and benefits arising from trademark registration

  • Recommendation for further brand protection actions from our expert trademark attorneys based on a detailed analysis


Please contact us via email at [email protected] and our team of expert trademark attorneys will compile a comprehensive report tailored to your brand. In your request for a brand audit, please include the following:

  • Use “Brand audit” in the subject line of the email

  • Provide a link to a website which offers your products / services. This will allow us to better understand the type of protection needed for your brand.

  • In case you don’t have a website or are still in early stages of merely thinking about establishing a new business venture, please try to describe your products / services as best as you can and don’t forget to send us your brand name / logo that you intend to use.

Please allow 3 working days for our team to compile all essential information and produce a comprehensive brand audit with personalised advice for your brand.

Jan Buza
Jan Buza

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