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“The secret of taste in Turkish cuisine lies in the ingredients used rather than the recipe itself. JUER started this adventure by creating special boxes inspired by the food culture of popular regions in Turkey. Our goal is to bring an authentic feeling of these regions from our spice boxes.”


Jan Buza


Ingredients and spices rather than recipes

“Each Turkish food contains flavours with a story. Anatolia, one of the oldest civilisations in the world, has hosted many cultures throughout its history and has reflected this rich cultural structure in its cuisine.” This cuisine has attracted numerous enthusiasts, the undeniable result of which is the upsurge of Turkish restaurants around the world. JUER has however taken this idea a step further, creating something truly unique. “JUER’s story began when we realised that the secret of taste in Turkish cuisine is the ingredients used rather than the recipes. JUER started this adventure by creating special boxes inspired by the food culture of popular regions in Turkey.”

“JUER created box collections of spices, named Istanbul and Izmir, which consist of the secret notes of dishes. The content of the boxes includes diversity of top flavours, and continues to add new products to its body. These packages containing the spirit and smell of the cities were designed with the dreams of bringing the oldest flavours of history back to the present day with their stories.”

Box collections offered by JUER allow customers to have an authentic and unforgettable experience. In addition to this unique “story-telling” approach towards experiential cuisine, it is the design language used by JUER that distinguishes it from its competitors. “We strongly believe in the power of design, and realise the importance of the message given to our customers. We aim to create an impression of the taste with a strong design language. For example, our purpose is to make a customer to have a feeling of Istanbul from our spice boxes. The coolness of the throat aims to create the impression of the sea from the very first moment of trying our package. We believe that our packaging and box designs create the transmission of senses as well as being appealing to the eye, making JUER unique in the sector.”

Unique idea that deserves to be protected

“The idea behind JUER extends from selling goods to creating a design that provides the opportunity to taste the flavours even before opening the packages. Therefore, JUER required a high level of brand protection. We take brand protection very seriously and we work to improve it every day. For this reason, we considered brand protection in the very beginning of selling our goods through online channel.”

In addition to the protection against brand infringement, trademark registration offers numerous practical benefits. An example can be made of the advantages in the online realm and Amazon Brand Registry in particular.

“In addition, since we are a brand that also operates in the e-commerce sector, we comply with all criteria that will protect our brand's identity in the marketplaces and enable us to take firm steps. For example, we are a brand registered on Amazon, and thanks to this, we both strengthen our position in Amazon and increase the number of opportunities we can benefit from there. We will not hesitate to take all actions that will carry our brand one step further and strengthen its foundations in every step we expand our product range.”

Experience with Trama

“Our attorney recommended working with Trama. The interface is user-friendly, and provides quick solutions for brand protection. Since JUER is a unique brand with a multiple ideas behind the operations, Trama guides us in the brand protection processes. The application phase was quick and practical. Trama is always reachable and ready to guide us. We are planning to work with Trama for the protection of our future plans.”

Jan Buza
Jan Buza

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