Stories of our clients: Null Boundaries Gaming

“I could certainly score that goal, I can’t believe he missed!” Now, this is a thought everyone of us certainly has had and Null Boundaries Gaming, founded by Zacharia Hildreth, puts it to a real test - bringing VR game simulation to the public, allowing for a more immersed experience of what it actually feels like to be in the game! Read the full story of another brand protected by Trama - Null Boundaries Gaming.


Jan Buza


Starting with a passion

The focus on the founders’ passion has become a common feature of myriad successful brands emerging all around the world. Null Boundaries Gaming is of a no exception to this claim and it was the passion of Zacharia Hildreth for watching and playing sports that gave rise to this remarkable business.

“The main reason why I started Null Boundaries Gaming was to bring to the world VR game simulators or video animations that represent experiences that would be complex to do in real life. For example we are currently working on a VR baseball simulator that allows for people to play baseball no matter the conditions outside. It also has an exhaustive menu for building any pitcher (maybe from the MLB or from a little league) and batting against them. For our animation side, we are currently working on a high dive animation, to experience what it would be like to jump from a high dive platform to a pool.”

“The inspiration was really from my passion for watching and playing sports. Many times I thought "wow it looks hard to hit that pitch" or "I could return that tennis serve" etc etc. That is when I had the thought to build something that would allow people to try various sport simulation games and see if they actually could do as good as they thought they could. My hope is that it also serves as a practice tool for many athletes no matter their skill level.”

The crucial role of intellectual property protection

Successful companies tend to be heavily involved in protecting their intellectual property, recognising that the core strength of their business comes from the ideas they have developed. Branding effectively communicates all the values, strengths and associations with the company, representing a key source of a competitive advantage. As a result, it is brand protection in the form of a trademark registration that plays a vital role in shaping the company’s success.

“From my video game company experience I would recommend that you start early on your IP, as you want to start earlier on marketing but it is hard to do that until you have a trademark as you cannot release the name and possibly domain or do blog posts about your work. From my experience as a founder in the cryptocurrency field, you really have to make a unique product plus provide a unique service.”

“I have another full time job as a CTO, and a founder, of a cryptocurrency. It is a self-funded project with me and the team spending thousands of hours creating code from scratch for at least 5 different products since 2018. Since most products and logos are in the public domain, a lot of teams copy others’ products and use them as a base for their own ideas. I have learned that it is extremely tough to stand out in this industry due to this, and even harder to market. Because of this, I knew the importance of protecting your IP early on, while developing the products and before marketing.”

“I would 100% recommend Trama”

“I came across Trama from a Google ad, and was intrigued when they said they could do trademarks much faster and cheaper due to their proprietary software. Trama was indeed much cheaper, responsive, and helpful than other larger law firms I contacted in the US for quotes. I decided to read the reviews of others on the website and searched their trademarks in various trademark databases to make sure it was a legit legal team. Everything checked out, so I decided to use Trama and am very happy I did.”

“I would 100% recommend TramaTM. I had no issues and the team was really helpful and responsive through the process. There was really nothing else I could recommend to do better. I enjoy that they have services after you get the trademark for monitoring infringement, and services for what to do if you have a trademark infringement.”

Jan Buza
Jan Buza

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