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“OVERCOME your limits” is an example of a fulfilled dream of its founder, Vojtech Halveland. This fashion brand is targeted towards individuals with active lifestyle, aiding in their efforts to exceed own ambitions. We hope you will enjoy reading this interview with Vojtech Halveland, the founder of this unique brand, and that it will inspire your brand protection efforts as well.


Jan Buza

The brand “OVERCOME your limits” is still relatively new, yet, you have already achieved early success. Let us look back for a moment. How did the idea behind this brand come to life?

I have always viewed the establishment of my own brand as the natural evolution of my professional life. During my earlier career, I have set myself an ambitious goal to become an executive director of a firm. I have managed to meet this ambition by the time I was 35. Once I was 40, I felt the need to utilise the expertise gained over years and launch a new business. There were numerous ideas to think about but after a careful consideration of all implications for my life, I have decided to set up a business creating and retailing sportswear under my own brand “OVERCOME your limits”. For the last 18 months, I have devoted most of my efforts into building this brand and although the company is still in infancy, we’ve already started working on men’s and women’s collections that you can expected to be launched within the next few months.

In comparison to your competitors, where do you see the uniqueness of your firm?

“OVERCOME your limits” is not just a product, it is a way of life that is strongly associated with active lifestyle and sport. The uniqueness of this brand can be found in its targeted focus that underpins the design and product development. The name of the brand itself communicates this message very well and I sure hope it will help active people to exceed their own ambitions.

We know, based on the successful trademark registration that was provided by team Trama, that the need to ensure brand protection is nothing new for you. What were the reasons why you decided to think about registering a trademark for your brand?

Based on my years of experience in the retail industry, I was well-aware of the crucial importance of intellectual property and its protection in signalling prestige and driving performance. Hence, I knew from the very start that I really need to protect its uniqueness. It was a very natural step for me, an integral part of the brand building process.

How did you find out about Trama? And what were the reasons why you decided to opt for the services provided by Trama?

I came across Trama online while I was searching for a suitable provider that could meet my request. Trama’s web site, content, services offered, ratings and testimonials have ensured me that this company is the right option for me.

In the hindsight, how would you rate your collaboration with Trama?

Professional approach, customer-centric logic, friendly communication, desire to find the best solution! And of course, seamless provision of the actual trademark registration.

Do you have any recommendations for entrepreneurs, both emerging and those already established, that may read this interview?

Anyone who believes in the success of own entrepreneurial ideas should also consider the protection of their know-how. Unfortunately, unfair practices and infringement efforts are quite common these days. As a result, investment into trademark registration should be viewed as long-term investment into own business, the very soul of your business. As a I have mentioned earlier, it is not merely about the protection but also about enhancing the value and credibility of the brand. So why not increase your profit if you can? 😊

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