Stories of our clients: Monie Day

The story of Monie Day, founded by Joel Thompson & Rishi Nankani, exemplifies the phrase “don’t let your dreams melt away”. The very inspiration for their clothing brand arose in a dream, and it is the trademark registration made by Trama that allows Monie Day to enjoy an uninterrupted growth!


Jan Buza

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From dreams to reality

“Monie Day was actually first envisioned around 3 am in a dream, the word “Moni” appeared in a dream across a shirt with a love heart sitting next to it. This was immediately jotted down and the next day it was explored further into its final form Monie Day.” This is how Joel Thompson, the co-founder of Monie Day, explained the inspiration for this high quality clothing brand.

He states “The inspiration simply comes from the love for the grind, hustle, hard work, and tactical business moves to generate wealth on a daily basis. The goal is to create this feeling through our clothing, to be identified as a motivation brand, a brand that gives a purpose.”

Customer-centric focus is certainly one of the core attributes of Monie Day. As put forward by Joel Thompson, “with like minded owners, we have an upper edge in recognising the latest trends but also to set them.”

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Don’t let your dreams melt away!

Successful businesses tend to recognise the crucial importance of effective brand protection through trademark registration from the very start. Monie Day is certainly one of the examples proving the value of intellectual property protection.

“We thought about brand protection from an early stage. We have seen many businesses exploited or failing to capitalise on opportunities due to not having the correct legal documents. Yes, it is an additional cost upfront, however, we did not want to be in a position that our hard work could be jeopardised for not protecting our brand.”

Experience with Trama

“To be frank, we had no idea where to go, so what we did was we searched the Internet. Trama had good reviews which instantly gave us the confidence to initiate the conversation. What sealed the deal for us was the communication from Trama simplifying things making it a truly stress free process.”

“It was a great experience with Trama. What stood out for us was the efficiency and communication on getting things completed. At no stage did I feel that I did not know what was happening. This was further helped by the clarity provided through the initial steps and estimated timeframes.”

It’s always a pleasure to work with our clients creating inspiring new brands. Monie Day certainly is one of such brands and we are glad Trama could have helped on its path to success!

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Jan Buza

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