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“We want the world to know, we are here to stay,” Madeleine Müller, head of design and founder of Dāyze. This emerging sustainable unisex streetwear brand has focused on brand protection through trademark registration from the very start of the business and we cannot encourage other entrepreneurs enough to follow the same approach, thus avoiding potential pitfalls and infringement issues.


Jan Buza

Dāyze: Sustainable, unisex streetwear. Made today with tomorrow in mind.

Madeleine Müller, the head of design and founder of Dāyze, challenges two of the most common issues in the contemporary fashion industry - fast fashion trend and gender stereotypes. With the growing concerns about the environmental crisis, the focus of sustainability has been deeply entrenched into the values of Dāyze, challenging the fast fashion trend that contributes towards overuse of resources.

“As we are a start-up, our business is still in an early stage. However, we are driven by firm values and the goal to push the boundaries of the fashion industry to create a truly sustainable business.”

“Contrary to other brands, we pursue a holistic approach. That means, that we consider every aspect of our products in terms of sustainability, from the outer shell material down to the trims and packaging. Furthermore, we support the breakup of gender stereotypes by offering a unisex collection.”

Building a global brand with a global community

Emerging entrepreneurs are often faced with a dilemma as to when the right moment for brand protection in the form of trademark registration arrives. From our experience, it is often too late as companies focus on trademark registration only once their brand is popular enough to attract copycats and be subject to infringement attempts. We often say that it is never too early to think about brand protection, and it is the brand Dāyze that proves our point.

“Our goal is to build a global brand with a global community. In today’s market however, a place won’t be handed to you, unless you fight for it. Committing to international protection from the beginning on was a way for us to ensure protection of that place on the one hand, while showing our commitment on the other hand. We want the world to know, we are here to stay. “

Experience with Trama

In line with the goal of Dāyze to establish a global brand and protect it on an international level from the very start, Trama assisted Madeleine Müller in carrying out trademark registrations in the EU, the US and China. While the EU and the US are generally considered the main markets for fashion brands and trademark registration within these jurisdictions provides effective protection across online platforms, it is the trademark registration in China that enables Dāyze to protect its brand in the market with the highest rate of infringement attempts.

“We came across Trama  on the internet. In addition to a professional appearance, we appreciated the possibility to get an initial idea of the process and the costs involved, without having to commit to anything right away. The fast and professional communication and service eventually convinced us.”

“Our overall experience with Trama  has been very positive. Everybody involved is committed to provide the best service possible, while maintaining a professional tone. We never felt pressured into making decisions while the team made sure to answer all our questions at length.”

Jan Buza
Jan Buza

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