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“I wanted to make sure that when our customers see the Citron brand, they could be confident that it offered the quality they depended on.” Read the whole story of Citron from the perspective of its Founder & CEO, Sara Chemmaa, and learn how Trama protects this inspiring brand for kids and families who want to have stylish and functional mealtime products that get the job done.


Jan Buza

In a world where convenience and environmental consciousness are becoming increasingly intertwined, Citron shines as a market-leading company at the forefront of innovative lifestyle products. Citron started with a simple premise, to help mums like me. But it has grown into so much more, with a presence in over 47 countries worldwide. That is down to the hard work of an amazing team and the creativity of collections when it comes to lending a helping hand with everyday life. 

Where did the inspiration for Citron come from?

“My main inspiration came from my children. When I had my first baby, I searched high and low for good quality products to use at home and during mealtimes. When I couldn’t find anything suitable, I felt compelled to create it. My goal was to design products that were safe, stylish and sustainable. They needed to be useful and dependable, items that both kids and mums would love.”

What makes Citron so unique?

“What really sets Citron apart is our commitment to quality and our customers. No matter how many collections we produce or how many countries we launch in, our top priority is to retain the same level of quality and to give our customers solutions that they can rely on, in every aspect of their lives. Our range of products now includes items for the whole family, from babies to adults, all of which continue to feature our signature brand of quality, putting safety, style and sustainability at the forefront.”

When did you start thinking about brand protection?

“Citron has grown so much over the past few years, it became essential that we took steps to protect our brand, for our company, our distributors and our customers. I wanted to make sure that when our customers see the Citron brand, they could be confident that it offered the quality they depended on.”

What made you stick with Trama throughout the process of trademark registration? 

“I came across trama while I was searching for an organisation that could help me safeguard the Citron brand worldwide. Having researched the company and read testimonials from clients, I knew it would be the right fit for Citron. The three main things that stand out about Trama are excellent service, fast responsiveness and cost-effectiveness. These elements have made working with Trama a seamless experience.”

Jan Buza
Jan Buza

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