Nike Takes on Skiing company: A Battle Over Similar Logos

Among thousands of sports logos, few are as instantly recognizable and iconic as Nike's Jordan Jumpman logo. This powerful symbol, featuring basketball legend Michael Jordan in mid-air, has become synonymous with athletic excellence and the spirit of the game. Nike is prepared to take action against any company that dares to infringe on their brand assets, with most recent dispute revolving around Skiman's logo—a skier in action, a far cry from the basketball courts associated with Nike's iconic symbol.


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Details of the Case

Skiman LLC, a Colorado-based ski apparel brand founded by Stephen Fucik, received multiple cease-and-desist letters from the sportswear giant Nike. The dispute revolves around the Skiman's logo, designed by Fucik to capture the essence of skiing freedom. The logo showcases a skier executing a daffy, a mogul trick where one leg is kicked forward while the other is stretched backward, with the goal of maintaining vertical skis. Fucik, passionate about skiing and the outdoors, sees his logo as a representation of the liberating spirit found on the mountains.


Nike's trademark compared to Skiman's logo

Nike alleges that Skiman's logo bears a "confusingly similar" resemblance to its iconic Jordan Jumpman logo, and therefore, to avoid further legal action, urges Skiman to voluntarily cancel its trademark registration. Fucik, undeterred and asserting his creative ownership, is prepared to defend his logo, claiming that he personally designed it. 

Trademark infringement occurs when one party uses a mark that is similar to another party's trademark in a way that is likely to cause confusion among consumers. In this case, Nike argues that Skiman's logo is "confusingly similar" to the Jordan Jumpman logo, potentially leading consumers to associate the ski apparel brand with Nike's athletic legacy. To determine the validity of such claims, legal authorities often consider factors such as the visual similarity, the relatedness of the goods or services, the strength of the plaintiff's mark, and the likelihood of confusion.

The visual elements of the logos will likely play a crucial role in the legal analysis. While the Jordan Jumpman features a basketball player in mid-air, Skiman's logo portrays a skier executing a specific skiing maneuver. The question arises: are the visual and conceptual differences substantial enough to avoid confusion among consumers? Skiman's argument rests on the distinctiveness of its logo, emphasizing its unique representation of skiing freedom, which may distinguish it from Nike's basketball-centric symbol.

Nike's Protective Stance on Trademarks

As a global powerhouse in the sports industry, Nike has an extensive history of aggressively safeguarding its trademarks. The Jordan Jumpman logo, in particular, has become a cultural icon synonymous with excellence, athleticism, and a winning mindset. Nike's proactive approach to protecting its intellectual property stems from the understanding that these symbols are not merely graphics but integral components of its brand identity and commercial success.

The cease-and-desist letters sent by Nike to Skiman not only highlight the company's concerns but also convey a clear message: it will explore "any and all available legal prescriptions" to preserve the integrity of its trademarks. This firm stance is consistent with Nike's past legal actions against potential infringements, showcasing the company's commitment to maintaining the exclusivity and distinctiveness of its brand imagery.


The clash between Nike and Skiman over the alleged trademark infringement of the Jordan Jumpman logo underscores the complexities and challenges surrounding intellectual property disputes, particularly in the realm of similar logos. As the legal battle unfolds, the courts will be tasked with assessing the visual and conceptual distinctions between the logos, weighing the likelihood of consumer confusion. Nike's unwavering commitment to protecting its trademarks serves as a testament to the value it places on these symbols, not just as commercial assets but as pillars of its brand legacy.

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