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Our clients are number one priority for Trama. We take joy in their success and we are glad for their trust that allowed us to protect their brand in the first place. UNIPAS represents one of our clients and we firmly believe that this story from its founder, Ing. Maroš Kara, will inspire other companies to protect their good reputation.


Jan Buza

The origins of UNIPAS (Universal Palette System) can be traced back to 1992. Since its establishment, the company has undergone profound growth, expanding its product portfolio and pursuing global expansion. At the present moment, UNIPAS employs a team of 60 experts and its products are exported in over 20 counties around the world. UNIPAS started with a strong focus on shipping containers used for the storage and transport of solid, liquid and bulk materials. Over the last 3 decades, several additional services have been added into the company’s portfolio, including laser welding, material cutting, 3D modelling and CNC bending. The company’s founder, Ing. Maroš Kara, provided interesting insights about the motivations that led UNIPAS to register its trademark and why Trama has gained his trust.

When did you first start thinking about brand protection and trademark registration?

It’s been a while now. All products manufactured by UNIPAS are patented and hence, I am well-versed in the topic of intellectual property and its protection. At the beginning, we viewed trademark registration as something way too expensive. Registered trademarks are most often seen with renowned brands, such as Nike, Adidas and Mercedes, hence leading to these misleading assumptions. I have to admit, it was my sister who registered her trademark for a patisserie that inspired our efforts in this area. At the same time, her experience told us that this form of brand protection is very affordable. After nearly three decades on the market during which we have achieved global success, we wanted to elevate our brand to a new level and this was where trademark registration came in useful.

How did you find out about Trama? And has Trama gained your trust?

I came across Trama accidentally, most likely on Instagram. The whole process is very simple and streamlined which is certainly one of the great benefits offered by this company.

And what is the key to success according to the founder of UNIPAS? Positive energy and determination that are needed to support any entrepreneur.

Jan Buza
Jan Buza

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