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Gaining access to Amazon Brand Registry is one of the key reasons why our clients consider trademark registration. VAReleyTech, run by Adrian Vizireanu, is one of the retailers you can find on Amazon platform and it was this promise in combination with the desire to protect own creations that led him to register the trademark with Trama.


Jan Buza

The origins of entrepreneurial path

“Your favourite pens at your fingertips!” VARelayTech features an attractive range of pens that will certainly make you stand out from the crowds! The origins of VARelayTech can be traced back to November 2017 and as admitted by Adrian Vizireanu, it was the “existing trend at that moment that provided the inspiration for launching own business in order to become an independent entrepreneur.” As it is usually the case, the focus of the business venture was defined by the founder’s passion for pens, recognising that the design and style of a pen can make a true difference in how an individual is perceived as well as their comfort during writing.


And what makes the VARelayTech products stand out on the market? “The product features make them different, pleasant, and at the same time useful”. The product offering allows consumers to select the pen they feel the most comfortable with, recognising that pen is no longer a mere writing instrument but also a sign of prestige or style. Hence, it is the product design that makes a crucial difference in consumer selection process.

Brand protection

“The necessity of brand protection is, I believe, obvious to virtually any business. This rationale is further enhanced if you are selling on Amazon since trademark registration offers additional perks and benefits, including A+ content, sponsored brands, multi-page store, brand analytics and proactive brand protection. So far, over 350,000 brands have enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry, making the full use of these advantages that allow them to differentiate themselves in the highly competitive online retail market.

Trademark protection and Amazon Brand Registry As pointed out by Adrian Vizireanu, trademark registration is one of the key requirements for enrolling in Amazon Brand Registry program. At the present moment, valid trademarks from the US, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Australia, India, Japan, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Turkey, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, the UK, the EU, United Arab Emirates are recognised by Amazon Brand Registry.

If you don’t have a registered trademark yet, Amazon also offers this service as part of the IP Accelerator. Relying on its network of registered IP law firms, the service starts with a fee of $600 for the application itself which together with the administrative fee of $210 comes to a total of $810. Moreover, sellers are also advised to pay a fee for brand search of trademark office records ($500) or for a comprehensive brand review ($1,800). This means that the total cost of registering a trademark through Amazon IP Accelerator may easily come up to $2,610.

In comparison, Trama offers trademark registration in the US for £375 ($495), including all administrative fees and comprehensive brand search and review, providing a money-back guarantee on successful registration. Based on the experience with our clients, including VARelayTech, Amazon Brand Registry also accepts trademarks registered by Trama in the filing stage, allowing you to benefit from the full advantages of this program much quicker.

Experience with Trama

And how was the experience of Adrian Vizireanu with Trama? “A very good job at a good price. One of the best business advice is to have a good trademark and to protect it in the countries where the business is operating. Trama can certainly help you to achieve this goal.”

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