Stories of our clients: EMI

Jana Cicmanová, the founder of EMI, is yet another satisfied client of Trama. Her story of creating a successful Slovak brand that enhances the comfort in thousands of homes through unique textile products is worth reading and we firmly believe that it will be inspirational for your brand protection efforts.


Jan Buza

Let’s start from the beginning, how did you come up with this business idea?

Since high school, sawing has always been my hobby. We’ve started with simple products, such as school bags, gloves, washcloths and gradually we expected our product range. The origins of EMI can be traced back to 1995, meaning it has been 25 years since we’ve entered the market. It certainly wasn’t an easy start as we had to work 16 hours per day, weekends included. Those were our early days of running this business and I have to say that I’m quite glad this is in the past.

Despite the fierce competition, EMI has become a preferred brand for hundreds of satisfied customers. Where do you see the uniqueness of your brand?

What differentiates us from others is our customer-centric focus, ensuring that no matter what happens, the customer will be always happy. That means fast deliveries, custom-made products and effective customer recovery even in cases that the fault is not ours. We certainly place the customer at the front and I’m highly content that our customers value this approach and remain loyal to us.

Trama team has successfully registered your trademark. What was the reason that you sought to protect your brand this way?

I have to admit that we only started thinking about trademark once the competitors starting copying our products. Our packaging, name of the company and even the names of the individual products could be found on several different websites. It was extremely frustrating to see our effort of building a strong brand based on firm values go to waste just because of these copycat attempts. Trademark registration seemed like the only logical stop to ensure protection for our brand.

How did you find out about Trama? And why did you opt for the services provided by Trama?

Trama was recommended to us by an acquaintance. Communication was very clear and professional from the very start and all the facts, processes and solutions were clearly explained to us.

In retrospect, how would you rate your collaboration with Trama?

We certainly value the expertise, professionalism, advice and the actual processing of the trademark registration. From my perspective, Trama is an expert in its field. 

Do you have any advice or recommendations for entrepreneurs that may read this interview?

Customer-centric approach may be the most important thing shaping the success of virtually any company. Our active approach towards meeting all the needs and demands of each and very customer has allowed us to grow from a small company into a renown brand.

One more recommendation from Trama - never underestimate the importance of protecting your brand! The story of our client EMI demonstrates that success brings envy and that substantial effort spent on building a successful brand can be thwarted if you fail to protect the brand valued by your customers.

Jan Buza
Jan Buza

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