Stories of our clients: Comfier Sleep

The story of Karolis Dieliautas, the founder of Comfier Sleep, reveals that environmental sustainability and exceptional quality of a product can in fact go hand in hand, resulting in a brand loved by the customers and definitely worth protecting.


Jan Buza

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As it is often the case, the initial idea for this business venture arose out of necessity. Both Karolis Dieliautas and his co-founder of Comfier Sleep have started their families. Looking after small children made them recognise the role of a good quality bedding. “Words like waterproof and anti-bacterial entered our vocabulary. Constant accidents, spills and leaks were really damaging to mattresses and finding suitable solutions was becoming urgent,” explains the origins of his business Karolis Dieliautas.

The eco-friendly focus has had a profound impact on product design at Comfier Sleep. “Environmental sustainability being at the core of everything that we do has shaped a lot of our decisions. Bamboo and other sustainable fibres seemed like the only way to go forward and accomplish our mission.”

It is the combination of environmental sustainability and exceptional product quality that has made Comfier Sleep so successful. “We decided to expand to other markets such as USA and EU. It became important to protect what we already had and that’s why we decided to register our trademark.”

Team Trama helped Karolis Dieliautas to register the trademark Comfier Sleep in the US where the United States Patent & Trademark Office requires foreign applicants to be represented by a US-based trademark attorney. With an in-house team of UK-, EU- and US-based trademark attorneys, Trama is well-equipped to support international expansion of aspiring entrepreneurs. 

And how was the experience of Karoulis Dieliautas with Trama? “We can only say very positive words about our experience with Trama. We received world class customer service and then some. We have got some advice and suggestions that we would have never thought of ourselves.”

Jan Buza
Jan Buza

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