Scalable trademark search and management platform

Our strong technology backbone enables us to deliver flexible trademark search, domain search and trademark management for third parties.

Solutions tailored to your needs

  • Judge gavel

    Law Firms

    Benefit from our whitelabel trademark search and portfolio management platform.

  • Searching

    Branding Agencies

    Use our bulk search service, automating the lenghty web domain and trademarkability research.

  • Technology provider

    Technology Providers

    Integrate our API, powered by advanced algorithms, which provides real-time trademark search service.

Why Trama?

  • Strong expertise

    Trama's tech team has experience with big data and regulated industries, ensuring performance and reliability of our platform.

  • Unique know-how

    We understand the ins-and-outs of trademarking process, since we've registered hundreds of trademarks for our clients.

  • Custom Approach

    We do not provide a one-size-fits-all solution, we rather work closely with selected partners to achieve our common goals.

What our clients say?

How it works?

  • Initial request

    Please provide as much details as you can about your need and preferred solution.

  • Finding the best solution

    Our representative will get in touch, allowing us to tailor the solution for you.

  • Implementation

    Following a formal agreement and payment, we'll gladly assist in the implementation process.

  • Access & support

    Enjoy the full scoop of services provided by Trama alongside ongoing support.

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Haven't found what you are looking for?

Our team of experienced trademark attorneys is here to help you! Simply send us an email outlining your request and we'll be happy to assist you.